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Show us your stuff

We welcome the photos and resumes of qualified talent only. If you are a trained actor and/or you have professional performance experience, please follow the instructions below for submitting your credentials for consideration.

All actors — whether or not you are represented by an agent — may be considered for our casting sessions. Here’s how:

  • Mail hard copies of your headshot and acting resume to:
    • Donna Belajac Casting
      109 Market Street, 2nd Floor
      Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    • Headshots must be 8” x 10”, color or black & white
    • Resume must be one page, trimmed to 8 x 10 inches and pasted or stapled at all four corners to the back of your photo
    • If you are not represented by an agent, be sure your resume includes your phone number and email address - If you are represented by an agent, include the agent’s name and phone number. NOTE: There is no need for you to submit a photo and resume if you know that your agent already has already done so on your behalf.
  • Register with Actors Access and NOW Casting using their free listing services.
  • This enables us to access digital versions of your headshot. It also frees you from bringing headshots to taped auditions. (Note: You must always bring hard copies of your headshot and resume to auditions with clients present.)
  • Please do NOT send unsolicited video or audio demos.


We are not in the business of casting extras for films. However, on occasion, we cast extras for commercials or television shows shooting for short periods.

Non-union talent: If you would like to be considered for non-union work as an extra or for “real people” auditions, please download this Extras Information Form.  Paste two (2) snapshots (one full length and one headshot) to the Form where indicated.  Write your name and phone numbers on the back of the photos in case they become separated from the form.

Please print out form and mail to:

Donna Belajac Casting
109 Market Street, 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Union members: You do not need to submit materials for union extra work. We cast union extras from headshots of AFTRA and SAG actors we already have on file. You are permitted to do the “out-of-SAG-zone” non-union extra work prevalent in this market. To let us know you are available for such work, please submit the Extras Information Form