Donna Belajac, C.S.A.

Donna Belajac Donna Belajac is a “producer’s casting director” because she comes from the world of film and television production.

She began her career in 1974 at Pittsburgh’s Television Production Center. Over the next eight years, Donna learned the business from the ground up, moving through the Operations Department to Production as Production Assistant, Makeup Artist, Assistant Director and for the last two years, in-house Casting Director. Donna launched her own company  in 1982. Her early and ongoing industry leadership and her company’s unmatched longevity and experience have made Donna Belajac arguably the most familiar name in Pittsburgh’s casting and talent arena — and one of the most respected. A long time member of the prestigious Casting Society of America, Donna received the 2008 Opal Award from Women in Film and Media of Pittsburgh for her career-long contributions to the local film and television industry.