Donna Belajac Casting

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OUR PEERS: Casting Directors

Deb Aquila  
Lindsay Chag  
Denise Chamian  
Randi Hiller  
Sheila Jaffe  
Molly Lopata  
Linda Lowy  
Joseph Middleton  
Vickie Thomas  
April Webster  
Debra Zane  


YOUR PEERS: Producers (partial listing)

Eric McLeod Producer, “Unstoppable”
Michael Nozik Producer, “The Next 3 Days”
Paul Haggis Director, “The Next 3 Days”
John Kelly Producer, “Warrior”
Carol Fenelon Exec. Prod., “Three Rivers”
Patrick Lussier Director, “My Bloody Valentine”
George Gatins Producer, “She’s …League”
Todd Harthan Producer, “Kill Point”
(More on request)